A note from the Kiam:

I started this record label for the same reason many people start labels - to put out my own records. I made my first record in 2002 and didn't really know what to do with it - but I had the vague notion that I could press up some cds and put an address on the back and I would then "have a label".  Kiam has grown into something a bit more sophisticated than that in the past decade, but not too much.  I'm back to putting out my own records (after a period of time with label stalwarts Red Panda and Matador) and I'm also putting out records by people I know and love.  Everything that Kiam has released has been personal to me in some way, and I doubt that will change much in the future.  We are all regular people -  most of us with day jobs, families, dogs, dysfunctions, (you'll read more about this in the blog) -  with one very important thing in common: we love and live for making music.  Thanks for taking the time to check out our records!

We have expanded to include a record store (The Kiam Records Shop), where you will of course find records by the artists on the Kiam Records label as well music released by many other great labels and musicians.  We carry all kinds of stuff on vinyl, cds, cassettes - new and used.  We also sell turntables and other stereo equipment, vintage clothes and accessories and books! Visit us in downtown Nyack, New York at 95 Main Street.


Jennifer O'Connor



Kiam Records, PO Box 150, Nyack, NY 10960

P: 845-358-1092


The Kiam Records Shop, 95 Main Street, Nyack NY 10960

P 845-353-5426 (KIAM)


Boss Lady: Jennifer O'Connor -  jennifer@kiamrecords.com

Label Coordinator: Norvin Van Dunk norvin@kiamrecords.com

Art Director: Sara Brownell sara@kiamrecords.com

TV/Film Licensing: Bank Robber Music info@bankrobbermusic.com



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If you would like to send us your music, please send links to info@kiamrecords.com or send us mail at the above PO Box.