Happy Valentine's Day: Kiam Records Artists Tell Us About Their Favorite Love Songs


Kendall Meade of Mascott

Otis Redding -  "That's How Strong My Love Is"


My favorite love song is "That's How Strong My Love Is" by Otis Redding. I feel his emotion when he's singing. Also love this couplet:

"I'll be the moon when the sun goes down, Just to let you know that I'm still around." 

I think we all want that "moon" to make us feel loved and cared for.


 Jon Langmead (Choo Choo la Rouge, Jennifer O'Connor band)

 The Lovin' Spoonful - "You Didn't Have to Be So Nice"

I don't know if this really a love song, but to me it's always sounded like the way falling in love feels so I assume that it is. Plus, my wife introduced it to me when we first met, so it always makes me think about that time in my life. The thing I've always liked about all of the Lovin' Spoonful songs that I know, and this one in particular, is that they sound hopeful and completely free of embarrassment and self-consciousness, without being corny. And they're all super crafted, but they still sound full of energy and spontaneity. I don't know of many bands that pull all those things off in the same way they do, and this song is the best of their bunch.


Tom Beaujour (Nuthouse Recording)

Poison : “I Won’t Forget You”

There was this kid in 1986 who had Poison’s Look What the Cat Dragged In on one side of a Maxell XLIIs and Hüsker Dü's  Flip Your Wig on the other. That kid was me. Which album ultimately had a greater musical influence on me depends on whether you see me playing guitar in public or creep up on me while I’m shredding in the house.  But I will tell you this “I Won’t Forget You” by Poison remains one of my favorite love songs of all time. The background vocals on the chorus are bulls eye triangulated happy/sad/pretty power pop gold.  The sentiment expressed by the lyrics—that pubescent belief we’ll remember all the names and details of our pubescent amorous selves—proved to be totally false. I don’t remember anything from back then except what guitars I had, but damn, wouldn’t it be nice if it were true?


Clint Asay of Clint Michigan

Foreigner - "I Wanna Know What Love Is"


I think this really might be my favorite love song.


James McNew of Dump

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "I Got A Love"


Tim Foljahn

Chet Baker - "My Funny Valentine"

Chet Baker's version of My Funny Valetine is one of my all time favorites.  I also love "More Than This" by Roxy Music or anything off Avalon.

Jennifer O'Connor

Joni Mitchell - "All I Want"

I love this song because of the way it feels totally unhinged - like she can't control her brain going in all these different directions while she is writing/singing about this person.  I also love how she brings the mundane into it - like shampooing and knitting sweaters etc -  everyday life as romance.  Finally, "All I really really want our love to do, is to bring out the best in me and you too" is such a sweet sentiment and lovely way to look at romantic love.  It's just a perfect song too, from I think probably the best record of all time.


Amy Bezunartea

The Velvet Undergroud and Nico - "I'll Be Your Mirror"

I just love the sentiment of this song and it could be for anyone, it's not a lover specific song.  You always wish that people could see themselves in the way that you see them.  "Let me be your eyes".  I love it so much.